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Wudimals® Stork Wooden Figure

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Creativity & Imagination – children will often play with figures in an unexpected way. Unsupervised, they have the freedom to explore. This “unstructured play time” is crucial to a child’s development of creative and problem solving skills.

Social Interactions – playing with animal figures encourages children to work together, leading to more communication and social interactions.

Collaboration & Life Skills – by acting out scenes and situations, children can practice and learn life skills. They can pretend to be imaginary characters and interact on different levels.

Language & Verbalisation Skills – are learned through role and pretend play, encouraging children to engage with speech and thereby practice their language skills.

Awareness of Nature & the Animal Kingdom – can be taught by using animals as a teaching aid and when playing, children can demonstrate their knowledge of different animals, their habitats and characters. Where does a lion live? What does a lion eat? How long does it live?

Sensory Awareness & Gross Motor Skills – are automatically encouraged through the material and shape of the wooden animals.

All weights and measurements are approximate, due to the hand-crafted nature of the product. Products may differ ever so slightly from pictures.


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