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Orbeez Feature Pack Glow in the Dark

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Orbeez are the original soft and squishy, fun and wacky water beads that you’ve seen on TikTok. The Orbeez Glow in the Dark Feature Pack comes with 1200 juicy Orbeez. Squishy and smooth, kids and adults alike will love the soothing sensory experience of Orbeez.

There’s no limit to the ways you can play. Pour them out of the tubes, squish them, squeeze them, bounce them, crush them or let them flow through your hands. Fill an inflatable pool with Orbeez, make a stress ball, use them for educational play, create arts and crafts projects, and so much more. Use your imagination and have endless amounts of fun with Orbeez.

For even more ways to play, bring home all the Orbeez sensory activating toys, like the Orbeez Sensation Station (sold separately) for an invigorating sensory experience like no other. Non-toxic Orbeez are safety tested and won’t fade, making them the perfect colourful addition for creative play.

Orbeez encourage independent play, are an alternative to modelling clay or slime kits, and make the perfect arts and crafts activity gift for kids aged 5 and up, especially for those who enjoy sensory toys. Check out the Orbeezone on your favourite social platform, for more fun and exciting ideas.

• 1200 GLOW IN THE DARK ORBEEZ: The Orbeez Feature Pack comes with 1200 Orbeez that glow in the dark, packed in a clear plastic container with a locking, flip-top lid.
• M’ORBEEZ, MORE FUN: From bouncing and crushing to sorting and squeezing enjoy endless ways to play and various satisfying sensations with the Glow in the Dark Orbeez Feature Pack.
• MAKES A GREAT ASMR GIFT: Bring home all the Orbeez sensory activating toys, like the Orbeez Sensation Station, for an invigorating sensory experience like no other.
• SENSORY TOYS: Experience satisfying tactile stimulations that will calm the mind, soothe the senses and develop fine motor skills. Orbeez are great stress balls, fidget toys and learning toys.
• NON-TOXIC AND SAFETY TESTED: Orbeez have been tested to meet international toy safety regulations and are non-toxic and safe for play as an alternative to modelling clay, slime kits and silly string.


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