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Janod Fun Farm Co-operative Memory Game

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To achieve this, players will need to help each other by remembering where each animal is hiding. Plunge your hand into the farm through the front door or the roof. Every time you find the right animal, the team gets a heart token to fix to the board. Once they’ve got 6 hearts,they’ve won! This cooperative game for children aged 2 and over is designed for 2 to 4 players. It contains 1 farm, 6 wooden animals, 6 heart tokens, 1 reminder card to help the youngest kids remember which animal is which, and 1 wooden dice. A game of touch, recognition and memory, it’s an ideal introduction to games for young toddlers! The farm, hearts and card are made of carboard, and the animals and die are made of solid wood. This game is certified and made using wood from sustainably managed forests.


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