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Janod Archeo Race - One Player Game

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An explorer searching for treasure in an Egyptian tomb? But beware of the mummy who will do everything to keep him prisoner inside the temple! In this board game, the player will have to collect as many pieces of treasure as possible and get out of the temple before the mummy closes the door.
A single player game for children from 8 years old, who can play alone in this adventure in the heart of Egypt. The player alternates each turn between the role of the explorer and the role of the mummy. Each character has their own dice.
A board game full of traps and treasure where you have to be strategic to win the game! The mummy is determined not to let you leave with her relics. Young archaeology fans will be delighted!
This 3D board game contains: 1 board, 3 characters (mummy, girl and boy explorers), 2 dice, 36 cardboard elements (12 Treasure cards, 12 Trap cards and decorative elements). Game made of cardboard from sustainably managed


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