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Janod Arctic Party Co-operative Game

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Collect fish on your way to bring them to the hungry little cubs who are at the end of the course, but watch out for traps! Melting ice, oil slicks... The bear needs you!

Intended for children from the age of 4, this board game is played with the wheel provided. Each player spins the wheel: have you landed on the iceberg? Then place one in front of the bear who can move forward one square.

The fish ? Collect a fish that the bear can take to its young. The thermometer? Oh no, the ice is melting: remove an iceberg and the bear goes back one space. The oil spill? Bad luck, remove an iceberg and the bear has to move back one space.

The bear in the water? Too bad, it's back to square one! This fun game will help raise children’s awareness of environmental protection and promises long hours of play with family or friends!

This racing board game contains: 1 bear token, 2 bear cub tokens, 2 fish tokens, 10 icebergs, 1 cardboard board and 1 wheel with pointer. Played with 2 to 6 players. Board game is made of wood and cardboard from sustainably managed forests.


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