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Welbeck Children's Books

How Poo Can Save the World: and Other Cool Fuels to Help Save Our Planet

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We all do it... Use the big, white telephone. Drop anchor. A number two. The Big Plop. But instead of flushing it out of sight and out of mind, you should be proud of your brown masterpiece because it has the power to create a bright new future. That's right – your poo can help save the world!

Discover how people have used dung all through history, what happens to poo after you've flushed it away, and how it contributes to global warming. Explore how we can use poo to power our cars, homes and even rockets, and how scientists are using other ingenious sources of renewable energy.

Featuring plenty of fun, 'yuck' poo facts and engaging illustrations, this book brings hope that cutting-edge scientific research into biofuels and sustainable technology could be the breath of fresh air we need to save us from climate disaster.


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