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Eye-popping Plant Part Facts (Body Bits) - Paul Mason & Dave Smith

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The Body Bits series is written by the hilarious and knowledgeable Paul Mason, and illustrated by Dave Smith, whose laugh-out-loud and action-packed artwork can't be beat. Reading and learning become a source of endless fun for even the most reluctant readers aged 7 plus with Body Bits.

Books in the series include:
Hair-raising Human Body Facts
Astounding Animal Body Facts
Dead-awesome Dinosaur Body Facts
Eye-popping Plant Part Facts

Contents list for Eye-popping Plant Part Facts:
The weird world of plant parts / Roots have ears / Surprising seeds / Plants in disguise /
Pitfalls and other traps / Poison producers / Spines and thorns / Snap! And you're lunch /
Hairy ends / Jailhouse plants / The world's stinkiest plants / Extreme survivors / Do you
speak plant? / Glossary / Finding out more / Index


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