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A Bad King is a Sad Thing: Book 5 (Rabbit and Bear) - Julian Gough & Jim Field

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Icebear has arrived in Rabbit and Bear's valley, and he wants to be king. He's big and scary, and the more kind and understanding the animals are, the meaner he becomes.

Rabbit is confused: Bear has always been able to fix their problems in the past - but maybe this time he needs to ask for help from someone else. Does Wolf have the answer to the bad king's demands ... or will Rabbit and the other animals find the solution within themselves?

From novelist and playwright Julian Gough, and the winner of the Roald Dahl Funny Prize, Jim Field, this is a story of friends, enemies, and how to avoid being pooped on by an icebear.

The step on from picture books

Integrated text and pictures will feel familiar to children ready to move on from picture books

Beautiful illustrations on every page

Simple language is accompanied by images to help build confidence in developing readers

Hilarious characters and stories

This series features two best friends, musical farts and amazing uses for blueberry poo...


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