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Sheet Pan Science: 25 Fun, Simple Science Experiments for the Kitchen Table; Super-Easy Setup and Cleanup

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With Sheet Pan Science, contain the mess and let the fun overflow with 25 safe, easy physics, biology, and chemistry projects.

Each project in the book contains simple instructions, easy-to-understand science explanations, and step-by-step photographic guides. While a stovetop or freezer may occasionally be required, most steps of the experiments can be performed directly on a rimmed baking sheet.

Messy play is important for young learners. Mixing colors, creating bubbly chemical reactions, and playing with goo are visual and tactile experiences that create strong memory pathways. In addition to allowing kids to explore and hone problem-solving skills, science experimentation encourages curiosity and engages a sense of wonder. A sheet pan and a few simple ingredients will instantly transform any kitchen countertop into a laboratory bench filled with fizzy fun.

The projects in Sheet Pan Science cater to a wide range of interests. While some kids love getting their hands into cornstarch goo, others will enjoy creating colorful tie-dye milk. Using a lemon, aspiring geologists can test rock collections to see whether they contain limestone. Art lovers may gravitate towards fabric dying and leaf prints, while budding chefs can play with edible experiments. Ice Globe create a colorful explosion of carbon dioxide gas foaming from hollow frozen spheres.

Engage your child with hours of science fun and learning.


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